Campaign rules

Read carefully before joining

The DnD campaign is unique, organized by The Old School Project. It will start when the first team joins and it will last until the beginning of June. If anyone survives.

The difficulty of the campaign is - HARDCORE -.

Up to five teams of four players can participate in the campaign. Each group plays once a week from 18: 00-21: 00.

Groups must have a name and a emblem. Characters must have their own unique nickname.

Players who register but do not belong to a group can be integrated into an incomplete team or a team whose character has died in the course of the game, if the team players agree.

If a team or player dies can't return to the game with the same or with another character. You are not Lazarus and no one will come to resurrect you. Jesus Christ is a Rock Star and is on a tour.

The team can continue or integrate a new player. At least two players must be a team to continue in the campaign.

There are no restrictions during the campaign. The groups act autonomously exploring the world, searching for hidden treasures or pursuing other groups in order to acquire their unique weapons and objects.

Breaks burden the team's play time rather than DM and The Old School Project. The games start and finish every time on time.

The participation cost for each player is € 4.00 / player / session. The amount is for DM to update and run the campaign in a timely manner. The Old School Project is the organizer but it does NOT correspond to a percentage of the players' entries.

DM is Dungeon Manager and his only role is to properly run the campaign according to the rules set by The Old School Project. It has no jurisdiction to change or bypass the rules as defined as the end of the campaign.

Available days, for now, Tuesday and Wednesday at 18:00-21:00. Submit your participation whether you are a team or you are alone at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

If you are an experienced DM and want to take over one or more teams, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

NOTE* Τhe campaign targets only players and DMs who live in Thessaloniki.


A few words about The Old School Project

Respect the place and the way it works

The Old School Project is a unique coffeehouse with its own philosophy and with the sole purpose of realizing its innovative ideas. All players and DMs are treated the same as customers. The Old School Project is not a multipurpose site and does not have board games. Therefore, other games are prohibited at the time of the campaign. Respect the attendees who might work or just enjoy their coffee.

It is strictly forbidden to smoke and steam and no alcohol is served.

The Old School Project is on Gravias Street 37, Thessaloniki Greece. The updates posted by DM on are the events that were played in each session and not the story of the campaign. Even Chuck Norris does not know the story.


Master Athan - DnD Manager

No one can claim to know many things about Master Athan.The only sure thing is that he has lived a life full of mystery, fantasy  and  magic.

The most acclaimed and ambitious historians of our time gathered to process and clarify all the myths and legends surrounding his  name, the only truths that they could verify are as follows:

Athan made his first contact with the Pen and Paper RPG games at the age of 10, when some friends invited him to play a  mysterious game called The Dark Eye (Das Schwarze Auge 2nd Edition). It did not take long for him to fall in love with the genre  and see it for what it really was, a gateway to the fantasy realm.

Many years had to pass for Athan to discover the sensation of the game Dungeons and Dragons 3,5. In the course of those first  adult steps in the world of role playing games he tried many other systems (like the World of Darkness and Warhammer 40K), but  in  the end he stayed faithful to D&D, with which he made his first attempt as Dungeon Master.

Thus, a new horizon opened for Master Athan, one that allowed him to share the creations of his mind with the rest of the world.  Since then he treads in this wonderful path, traveling to magical planes and exchanging thrilling experiences with extraordinary  people.


"B l o o d v a l e"

You say we are blessed and lucky to live in our times.

You say as long as the fisherman’s bucket is full of fish, the halfling’s garden is full of green and the merchant’s walk is full of clinging sounds we have nothing to fear.

You say that with an axe or a sickle by our side, to scare the goblins of our yards, we have all the peace and freedom we could ever want.

Well I say don’t get too comfortable in your blissful ignorance, for I have traveled through the lands and I have seen the omens of despair.

The winds carry words of malice through the hills, the rain smells of blood and iron, the bears don’t slumber and the wolfs don’t haul, the bog witches speak of nightmares with dead crows and the barbarians of the north sing warsongs of the End.

I say that pain and peril is at our doorstep.

I say that actions must be made to fend this darkness off.

What will you do?

Will you sit by your hearth ignoring your impending doom, or will you take sword, staff and wit and face your destiny?

What will you DO?

Team Up and join NOW


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