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I got in contact with Silvano (pianist, double bassist, guitarist and composer) the older of the Pagliuca-Mena brothers, in a forum for jazz musicians. In the middle of his moving from the shore city of Maracaibo, in Venezuela to Madrid, he found time to talk about family roots, musical identity and their music: an original blend of Venezuelan, Latin, Jazz and Classic.


(GF) Can you tell us about of your trajectory in music?

(SPM) Music has always been there for and with us. We come from a family of artists and intellectuals. Our mother, for instance, is a ballerina and sociologist, our father, although he did not dedicate himself to the arts, is a very creative amateur musician. That is why we had since our very early age, an inclination for the sciences and arts, particularly for music. In our family environment we were exposed to different musical genres, such as Italian popular music, flamenco - our family roots are Italian and Spanish -, traditional Venezuelan music, Latin American and Caribbean music, Jazz, European, Classic music and also Pop and Rock, among others and all those elements had a later influence in our artistic expressions. Around the age of seven, we started in musical ensembles and folkloric groups and later we took part in diverse rock bands and pop music group. Finally, we joined symphonic groups and started experimenting with Jazz.


(GF) When did the ensemble start?

(SPM) In 2014. The formation varied from the original duo with my brother Angelo, percussionist and composer, to up to ten musicians, depending on the event. Many other artists have called us to be their band and this feels really good. It is also nice to see both familiar and new faces in each of our presentations.



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(GF) How would you define your music?

(SP-M) Our music is eclectic, product of a continuous search for expression through musical art, going through different genres and musical styles. We have a very open aesthetic that fuses Jazz, Contemporary music, European academic music, Venezuelan and Latin American, flamenco and World Music, always with an original approach.


(GF) New projects?

(SP-M) We have finished recording our second album, short before moving to Madrid. We are very excited about it and we hope that it will be as well reviewed as the first one: "The Temple of Ideas". Our   new album,    like the previous one, was entirely produced by us, and consists of seven original songs written by me and Angelo.

We go deeper exploring our flamenco inheritance and Mediterranean sounds, among others influences. Our main project now is to establish ourselves in Madrid. Although we knew it would not be easy, it   was a step    that we felt we had to take in order to continue growing as humans and artists. We also want to assemble the ensemble again in Europe with some of our previous members. We´ll see.    

Written by Geisa Fernandes - Brasil / Rio de Janeiro

The repertoire of this jazz singer and awarded songwriter from Rio de Janeiro reveals influences of Brazilian popular music, the French chanson and Latin American rhythms, but most of all, Geisa Fernandes is a jazz singer. Billie Holiday aficionada (back in college folks used to call her "Lady Doc"), this PhD holder and Comics researcher was a former vocalist of several bands in São Paulo. 

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