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(GF) How is your songwriting process?

(Rednex) It has been the same as from two decades ago. It starts with an upbeat hookline sung by a toothless 85 year old man who is about to die, followed by a crazy violin with so many notes it has to be recorded at half speed. Last, and very least, we let the woman sing.

(GF) Acid humor has always been a component of Rednex and Manly Man is no exception. How was the video production?

(Rednex) Thanks for the phrase "acid humor" :) love it! The main songwriter of the track, Janne Eriksson, saw a scene from the horror movie Wax, where a redneck is dumping road kills in a pile in the woods. He wanted to use that character. Shortly afterwards, Pat Reiniz (co-founder of Rednex and director of the video) saw a scene from True Detective where a serial killer is walking about in his messy home. These two influences resulted in a storyboard, which was presented to a Polish camera team, which found the location of the house.

(GF) How important do you consider social networks for the interaction between performers and fans?

(Rednex) It is somewhat important because it adds a dimension that wasn't there previously, which is the contact to people far away in territories where we never play. To receive greetings from all over the world is an awesome inspiration. That said, the best interaction will always be to meet the crowd face to face, this is without doubt the most fun way to interact and party together.

(GF) Are streaming services helping bands to reach a broader audience?

(Rednex) Streaming services and internet in general is helping any sort of spread which is good. At the same time, most giant players are strictly formatted, algorithm-based and does not allow, or even welcome, diversity and multitude. If you search for "90's music", you are likely to get the same songs every time. It does not help people to new discoveries. However, anything is better than the old pre-internet era radio monopoly, where basically one radio producer could decide an artist´s whole career. That was an unhealthy period, which has fortunately died out.

(GF) Future projects?

(Rednex) We are constantly on tour. This year we are scheduled for about 60 shows and just came back from 10 days in Japan with 7 presentations. As a result of that tour, a future project is to create a manga series out of the story from our first biography. We have an ongoing viral video contest with Manly Man, where the winner will get $1000 (manlymanvideos.com). We have yet to decide on our next single, but it is likely to be Giddy As You Are, which will be a video with only nude dancing and released in collaboration with nudist groups, so get nude and stay nude!


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Written by Geisa Fernandes - Brasil / Rio de Janeiro

The repertoire of this jazz singer and awarded songwriter from Rio de Janeiro reveals influences of Brazilian popular music, the French chanson and Latin American rhythms, but most of all, Geisa Fernandes is a jazz singer. Billie Holiday aficionada (back in college folks used to call her "Lady Doc"), this PhD holder and Comics researcher was a former vocalist of several bands in São Paulo. 

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