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Join Us and Built Your Name As A Journalist

Written by The Old School Project


The Old School Project is a network that operates around the world to entertain and inform its readers and listeners through the research or personal judgment of its associates. Based on its fundamental principles, is left far from politics and all kinds of fanaticism.

The Old School Project is the first non smoking coffee house with its own internet radio station since 2014. A unique and innovative distinction is the combination of the coffee house and a radio station, as the radio shows are broadcast from inside the café, offering guests the chance to watch the shows live, in a specially designed studio. Enjoy some quality classic, rock, blues, jazz, funk and pop music, meet our partners and follow the producers and their shows.

Are you a journalist, a writer or a music critic?
Are you interested in interviewing and reviewing upcoming bands and artists?
Would you like to build your name in music industry? We are looking for persons that are interested to involve in music industry, meet and present upcoming bands and artists, publish high quality articles and be members of The Old School Project, a new innovative business.
Applicants can be from anywhere in the world.
but you are given:

  • a profile page with an option for bands and artists to hire you for your services.
    all the credits as writer,
  • the 40% of the amount of a sponsorship at your name (you are totally free to search for your sponsors locally or abroad),
  • page management (The Buddings) - this way you will have a benchmark for your articles and a page as blog for daily short posts, news, spoilers for upcoming interviews/reviews
    and 60% from album reviews/band reviews you publish after a band/artist request.

All articles are published in English. Bands and artists who will provided to you from The Old School Project have priority. 
Contact with us and learn more or Join Us.
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