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Interview with Slow Motion Suicide

Written by Anselm Anderson

How did the band meet The Old School Project?

I think we met with Nick through Reverbnation, he was fond of our release and so the connection was born. He's a cool man and we love what he does in general. Patience is a virtue in this business so arm yourselves with it.

Could you explain how the band was formed? And the reasons behind it?

I started writing material during a long period off . When I decided to release the music it received an incredible and overwhelming response and as a result, Slow Motion Suicide was born. The band was formed pretty randomly, through mutual acquaintances and friends of the band.

You describe yourselves as “ A collective of human beings crafting melodies for maladies in the 21st century”, Could you explain how this statement relates to your music?

Basically, just writing what we feel like in this moment in time, not giving too much regard if it fits a certain genre or if someone will like it or not.

What is the meaning behind the group name Slow Motion Suicide?

Name of the band comes from the idiom of everything pretty and ugly that is slowly and unknowingly killing us, like junk food after a bad hangover, witty beautiful women, cigarettes after sex, guilty conscience, or laziness in the Sunday afternoon

In my review I compared some of your songs’ sounds to early Alternate bands like Alkaline Trio, Who were your biggest influences on your music growing up?

Everybody in the band listens to different music genres but we all love, let's say, midtempo alt rock. Pretty much grew up on REM, Counting Crows, Red Hot Chilies, Incubus and hip hop. A lot of hip hop.

Who would you say is your main songwriter? And what inspires you to write songs like you do?

I come up with the skeleton of the song and the lyrics and then the band works on their parts from there. It can stay mellow and acoustic, or it can turn to a powerful full band song. I'm a pretty proud neurotic dude, so I guess I draw inspiration from there.

Some of your songs are raw and relatable, what is your writing process behind them?

Just an acoustic guitar, coffee, maybe a hangover and a quiet place. Sometimes you can work on a song for 15 minutes and sometimes it takes a couple of months. You can't really tell how long is it going to take, but you just know when it's done and requires no more discussion and polishing.

What are your overall goals in the music industry?

Play live as much as we can, that's the way to go.

Do you have any favourite bands at the moment?

Sure, we listen to a bunch of things. There are some cool cats on Croatian music scene like She Loves Pablo collective. Check them out, they might be up your alley.

I recently reviewed your self- titled debut LP, could you tell me a bit about it, and the recording process?

Thanks man, appreciate it so much. The process was a bit long because we were all new in this thing and didn't really have a producer, given the fact that I pretty much knew what I wanted to create for the first record and just wanted the songs to be out. We recorded in numerous locations with friends over a period of six months and it turned out great, don't you think?

And finally, what is next for slow motion suicide?

Actually, I did lay some demos down for the next record and I'm happy that we'll start working on those pretty soon.

Thank you very much to Slow Motion Suicide for this interview.

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Written by Anselm Anderson - UK / Lancaster

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