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An Interview with Sometimes Julie

Sometimes Julie are another band I had the pleasure to cover during the recent campaign for The Old School Project. The San Diego Natives' Rich Walker spoke to me about the band's origins, influences, and their latest album Breaking

1. Please could you tell me how you discovered The Old School Project?

You discovered us first! We discovered you when you tagged us in a Facebook post in November 2018.

2. Could you introduce yourselves? And furthermore, please explain how the band originally formed?

Sometimes Julie was founded in 2012 by Monica Sorenson and Rick Walker as a singer-songwriter duo. After recording our first album, Head First, we decided to form a full band. Sometimes Julie has had a few different line-ups since our formation, but we are currently a six-piece band, made up of:

  • Monica Sorenson – Vocals

  • Rick Walker – Guitar

  • Alberto Moreno – Guitar

  • Bruce Paul Allen – Bass

  • Anthony Sarain – Keyboard/Saxophone/Flute

  • Michael Heater - Drums

3. What inspired you to form Sometimes Julie?

We started out as a duo, just Monica and Rick, but we recorded 13 of the 14 songs on our first album (Head First) with full rock band instrumentation, so we decided to recruit more musicians and form a band, so we could do the songs justice when performing them live.

4. Your bio describes your music as “Provocative Indie Rock with a strong Americana influence”. Would you say this is an apt description of the music Sometimes Julie is trying to make?

Sometimes Julie’s music is a product of all the music we heard as children and teenagers. Rick grew up in Chicago, immersed in blues, roots rock, power pop, and (later) alternative rock. Monica grew up in the western U.S. (mostly in Denver), with classic rock, pop, and country influences. What comes out of us, and what we now describe as provocative indie rock with a strong Americana influence, is really just a mashup of all of the music that has touched each of us over the years.

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5. How did the band get its name? I noticed there isn’t a Julie in the band. Ha ha

Haha! Monica is sometimes known as Julie. She is a little protective of her privacy, so she used to us the pseudonym “Julie” when her name was going to be announced in public, for example, when she would place an order in a coffee shop, or when singing Karaoke. When Monica and Rick first met (at a Karaoke bar), she told him her name was Julie. We knew each other for six months and had already started writing songs together before she told him her real name!

6. Who were the band’s influences? I feel the vocals share similarities with Alanis Morrissette and Janis Joplin. Who where some of the singers that inspired you?

Janis Joplin is definitely an influence, but also Lucinda Williams, Susan Tedeschi, Bonnie Raitt, Stevie Nicks, Grace Potter and others. Male vocalists also inspire, especially Robert Plant, but lately Lukas Nelson and Tom Walker.

7. Your first EP, Head First won the band an Akademia award for best Americana music video. How much has this helped with the band’s development?

The Head First CD, and also the video we produced for the title track, won Akademia awards. It definitely gave us confidence and legitimized us as musicians and performers. It also helped solidify our sense of who we are as artists and encouraged us to take bigger risks in our songwriting.

8. The band recently released Breaking in June, could you explain to readers a little about what to expect?

Breaking is raw, honest and powerful, while at the same time thoughtful and well-produced. It has themes of failed love, loss and fury. The music, lyrics and performance all come from, and speak to the heart.

9. Breaking is your third release, have you found the writing process has changed, or is it still the same?

Early in our collaboration, we did most of our writing together in the same room. Lately, though, Monica has been doing most of the initial writing of lyrics and melody, with Rick later developing instrumentation and arrangement. One exception on Breaking was “Satisfied”, where Rick wrote the music first, then Monica added the lyrics and melody.

We’re aren’t attached to any particular songwriting method, though. Whatever works…works.

10. You have a concert at De Oro Mine Co. in Spring Valley California coming up, what can people expect from that gig, and furthermore, Do the band plan anymore dates in the new year?

Sorry we’re so late answering these questions! We just played at De Oro Mine Company in Spring Valley last weekend and it was a blast! Here’s what we have on the calendar right now:

  • January 19th, Indian Joe Brewing, Vista, California

  • February 28th, Humphrey’s Backstage Live, San Diego, California

  • March 29th, Navajo Live, San Diego, California

  • April 20th, Hennessey’s, Carlsbad, California

All Sometimes Julie shows are engaging! People can expect to laugh, rock, dance and have a great time!

11. Finally, what else can fans expect from Sometimes Julie in 2019?

We’re currently working up our newest songs for our 4th release, which we will be recording in the next six months. Look for Own Kind of Savior by the end of 2019!

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Written by Anselm Anderson - UK / Lancaster

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