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Lovesick Radio – Band Review / Interview

Written by Anselm Anderson

Lovesick Radio are a Pop/Rock band formed in 2006 in Las Vegas, Nevada, borne out of an ever growing pedigree for success. The six- piece unit are fronted by Lead singer Troy Brown whos is joined by Drummer Matt Seskevics, Bassist Glenn Viers and guitarists David Harris and Matt Bores.

They have toured extensively throughout the States in support of prestigious acts like Kid Rock, Bon Jovi, Scott Weiland, Three Days Grace etc . As well as this, They have toured across the Far- East in countries like Japan South Korea and China, including a recent appearance at ChangJiang Music Festival. They have even featured on MTV programmes “My Sweet Super Sixteen and “Bands on the Rise” They have been described as an “ unapologetic arena pop-rock band that you actually want to hear”. This is a fair assessment from a band with an arsenal of well written rock songs that focuses on Love, Betrayal and social disorders.

The band write wholesome music full of Rock ‘N’ Roll attitude coupled with a hint of Honky Tonk and blues influences that bring that much needed swagger modern day rock acts crave.

I will be looking at a few tracks from their back catalogue, before there upcoming LP is released.

Numb Me Up ( Stripped) is an acoustic version of the original hit. This track is a ballad I personally feel is about a man talking about the struggles he finds in a relationship with a loved one. The basic strumming patterns and hushed vocals produce an unlayered track full of melodies.

Tell Me Why is a pulse rating hard rock tune that has Boogie Rock influences . The opening riff adds salvo with slide guitar effects that adds an extra layer to the music .A huge pop chorus blends with the high energy of the music and the defiant message that will keep those fists pumping.

Hooray ( She Got Her Way) shows the band’s blues influences growing. The mid-tempo feel adds a confident vibe to the song’s structure. Brown snarls about a promiscuous woman full of sarcasm with trumpets added in the background and meaty riff that is testament to the musical craftsmanship

Come Together is an anthem that shows how the sounds evolves. This guitar orientated track has a tenacious riff that blends with soulful vocals and tasty breakdowns with a delicious solo that fits in towards the end.

Lovesick Radio certainly deserve more success. It will be interesting to hear anymore capabilities from the new LP. The page is encouraging for fans with updated information on concert dates, news , colourful pictures and an opportunity for a livestreaming gig via Stageit. This is another good page for fans with snippets of the band in the studio and information on further gigs. This provides a more personal interaction with followers, which I enjoyed reading.

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Band Interview

Could you tell us how you first met The Old School Project?

First I wanted to say thanks for taking the time to interview the band. As for the question; I wish I had a better answer for this but it was through the power of the Internet.

Could you explain to new listeners how you first met? And why you chose to form a band?

This version of LSR really came together after Troy and I ( David) recorded “ Hooray (She Got Her Way)”. We really enjoyed the process and decided to write some more songs together and just see what happens. After that things just started happening fast & we are still playing catch up.

What is the reason behind the name?

The name came from something our old drummer said. He was going through a break up and mentioned how every song he was hearing on the radio was about heartbreak. It was almost like the radio was love sick. We all just kinda looked at each other and said I think we have the name.

You recently performed at the Changjiang Music Festival in China, Could you tell us a bit about that experience?

This was our third time in China. We love the Country and the people. It’s pretty crazy to play for a few hundred thousand people. The people that bring us over and their crew are some of the best people to work with. Plus the crowds are great and we can’t wait to go back! We feel blessed to get to travel to all these different counties.


You have also performed in Japan and South Korea, What is a usual Far- East crowd like compared to a home crowd?

Each country and town are different. But the thing that’s really the same throughout the world no matter where you are is music brings people together. Everyone is there is have a good time and so are we!

Did you get to go sightseeing around the area? And the festival itself?

Sometimes we do! And when we get the chance we definitely love getting out to the city or around the people at the shows. But a lot of the time all we get to see is what we see through the window of the bus as we pass these beautiful landscapes.

Where there any local bands in particular that caught your eye?

There was this band that went on before us in China that was killer. I’m blanking on the name right now! We love catching the bands sets that we get to share the stage with.

You have some dates coming up, could you tell fans what to expect from the shows, and do you have any guests?

The shows are going to be fun with a ton of energy. We are looking forward to getting out with Wayland for a few dates. They are great live !

You have had the privilege to share the stage with an array of musicians like Scott Weiland, Hinder, Three Days Grace, Paramore and a host more, what was it like to perform with them, and who was the biggest influence on the band?

For me Scott Weiland was huge. I grew up loving Stone Temple Pilots and still do. Bon Jovi & Kid Rock was pretty crazy as well cuz those were stadium shows. And I think everyone grew up hearing those bands songs on the radio non -stop.

The band’s latest single “You Should’ve Known” is been broadcasted ON Air  on The Old School Project 24/7.

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