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Southern Sounds: Sulimar Rass and the music from the borderlands

Written by Geisa Fernandes


Son of an amateur musician, Sulimar Rass began his career at a very early age performing at festivals and bars in his hometown, Dom Pedrito, in Rio Grande do Sul, almost at the border with Uruguay. Based in Pelotas, he opened the RASS School of Music and graduated in Phonographic Production. 2016 he released "Absurd Conclusions", his first album. Far from the Gaucho stereotype, Rass lyrics are philosophic and romantic, while his arrangements mix Brazilian urban influences and rhythms from the River de la Plata Region. Still waters run deep.

(GF) When did your relationship to music?

I was born in an extremely musical family that has always encouraged me a lot, my father was an amateur musician and until now music aficionado. At the age of fourteen I received my first payment as a musician. Since then I never stopped dealing with music. My life was practically all dedicated to music, living from her and for her.

(GF) How would you define the kind of music you do?

(SR) I often say that my three strongest influences are the Brazilian southern folk music, instrumental music (from all genres) and Brazilian popular music, but I am also influenced by jazz, bossa nova, classic, rock. I think the sound I make is universal. It can be played and enjoyed everywhere.

(GF) What about your new album "Canções Inerentes" (Inherent Songs)?

It will be released on all digital platforms in September 2018 and in physical format in October. It is heavily influenced by rhythms and themes pertinent to the region southern Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina with modern arrangements and strong jazz and classic influences. I recorded part of it in Argentina, produced by Sebastián Perkal, winner of a Latin Grammy in 2010. The musical production is signed by composer and arranger Edu Martins. Edu has worked as a musician, producer and arranger over the last few decades alongside Brazilian music artists such as Cesar Mariano, Guinga, Milton Nascimento and Gal Costa, among others and also international artists like George Benson and Dave Liebman. In addition to Edu Martins, the pianist Mauro Filho takes part in the album. Mauro is a member of Edu Martins Trio and has performed with saxophonist David Lieberman, Débora Blando and Geraldo Flach. Mariano Cantero was in charge of the percussions. Mariano is also a teacher at the La Plata Graduate Conservatory in Argentina. He coordinates workshops in Córdoba, Tucumán, Mendoza and Rosario. He is also a member of the "Acá Seca Trio" and the prestigious percussion ensemble "La Bomba of Time ", directed by Santiago Vázquez.

(GF) Future projects?

After the release of the album, I will dedicate my time to conclude and release my online course for musicians who seek to improve their musical knowledge. I also want to publish my first book. It will be called "The surprises of the alter ego". A compilation of short stories that portray everyday´s life in a humorous way.

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Written by Geisa Fernandes - Brasil / Rio de Janeiro

The repertoire of this jazz singer and awarded songwriter from Rio de Janeiro reveals influences of Brazilian popular music, the French chanson and Latin American rhythms, but most of all, Geisa Fernandes is a jazz singer. Billie Holiday aficionada (back in college folks used to call her "Lady Doc"), this PhD holder and Comics researcher was a former vocalist of several bands in São Paulo. 

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