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From São Paulo to the world: Steady Job Rocks!

Written by Geisa Fernandes

Stead Job is an old-school rock band from the metropolitan area of São Paulo, Brazil that hits the road on a customized yellow van called "The Kombosa Submarine" (Any reference to a certain quartet of Liverpool is not a coincidence). These four Classic Rock´n 'Roll aficionados bring a part of rock history live to the stage. I talked to Vanessa Abreu, lead singer and guitar player is responsible for the amazing female vocals. She represents the Pin Up and of the 50´s.



(GF) Characterization is an important element not only of your performance, but it seems to be part of the very concept of the band. Can you tell us more about it?

(VA) We thought of a way of mixing the previous experiences of the members, who had been over 20 years on the road in many bands of different styles. We dress as characters who represent our favorite decades in the history of rock music. I am the Pin Up, with red lipstick, representing the 1950´s aura. I also try to show that there is a place for women in rock. Lêu Abreu, the drummer, is the hippie of the 1960s. His costumes evokes the vibe of Woodstock. Renatera, the bass player is passionate about the 1970´s Groove and Marquinhos Carvalho, guitar player, is a represents the geek culture of the 80's.

(GF) What is the typical repertoire of a show?

(VA) The show's repertoire includes a hand full of classics, hit songs from Led Zeppelin, Queen, Janis Joplin and Creedence, among others. The Brazilian rock is represented by Rita Lee and Raul Seixas. And, of course, there´s also Beatles. Actually, we got the name of the band from the lyrics of "She came in through the bathroom window" and "Paperback Writer". We like to think of it as the perfect soundtrack for a road trip.

(GF) Who is in the audience of Steady Job?

(VA) The band has been together for three years and after almost a hundred shows in the curriculum, we realize that Steady Job attracts both young and old children interested in the sound and the story of rock music. Our motto is "Rock brings people together". I think the elderly have their memories revived and youngsters start to learn about the rhythm and develop a taste for it. Sometimes our fans turn into friends these relationships go beyond show days and come to life in genuine friendships. Last year we recorded a CD with the favorites of the audience. It also included the single "Three Wishes", the group's first composition.

(GF) How about future projects?

At the end of this year, we will record our first EP! We still don´t have an official release date, but I can already tell you that the album is full of love stories, from different points of view. We mixed the melodic styles of folk and powerful choruses of pop, but with a vintage signature, that is our trademark.

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