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Patiotic Album Review

Written by Sophia Garvey


Patiotic Album Review

Up and coming new wave musician Patiotic rocks the world of ambien and chill house music with his latest album “Quiet clouds”. Creating an album is quite a feat and Patiotic certainly does not disappoint. The album takes you through a range of sounds that represent the emotions felt throughout the day. Each song is representative of a different time or place which creates a interesting layer of personal emotion to the album. The fact that the musician is so open with his feelings helps the listeners to really connect with what each song is trying to convey.

Overture is a soft and compelling piano piece that portrays the pain and suffering of the different kinds of people on the the city streets. It could be the depressing future for the homeless people and the girls and boys who work the streets, or the representation of the idea about what goes on behind closed doors. The sound of the piece is similar to that of one Yan Tiersan might have composed with its subdued and melancholic melody.

One can imagine hearing “funky tribe” at a cool beach bar at Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia. Like the name suggests, the song has a funky vibe to it with the upbeat and mesmerising drumming pattern and the sleek melody. The song reminds me of the early evening when everyone is so full of life and happiness. The song itself has an element of daft punk to it with its effortless funky sound which is ironic as the word funk is in the title.

Transatlantic is a catchy tune that one would associate with movie soundtracks such as pirates of the caribbean or star wars. The music takes you on a journey through time with the fast paced and electronic beats. There is a hint of a banjo like sound, perhaps a reference to patiotics cultural heritage but either way it adds an element of sophistication to the track.

A calmer and more melancholic song is “closer to your love”. The wistful vocals provide a layer of heartfelt emotion that the listener can feel as well as hear. The distorted and broken vocal compliments the constant and jubilant beat providing for an emotional and exhilarating listening experience.

Some days i think we all just want to “drift” away. Patiotic creates the perfect anthem to help you get lost into when you wish to just disappear. The soothing beat accompanied by the futuristic melody makes for a calming listen. The guitar solo rips through the soft melody to create a layer of edge to the song and this compliments the ambient tone of the tune altogether.

The jazz vibe on “bossadream” takes you back to the era of latin jazz where the men and women would stay up all night and dance to their heart’s content. The easy going guitar makes for a tranquilizing extra sound on the already relaxing drum beat. The two components mixed together create a melodic and pacifying sounding track.

We all hate paperwork in general but unsurprisingly you cannot bring yourself to hate this song. The EDM vibed beat creates a futuristic sound that’s accompanied by the gentle melody in the background. I imagine this song to be influenced by the early hours of the morning when those who are still awake feel most alive, and those who are asleep dream peacefully. This track is by far the most chilled one on the album.

Everybody has many “Choices” they have to make in their lifetime and these choices define who we are and what we become. This track is influenced by the late nights and boozy times when mistakes are so easily made, especially in a city setting where everything is more readily available. The track is smooth and polished and you would definitely be making the right choice by giving it a listen.

Overall, the album is a success. Whether the tone of the song is happy or sad you are certain to feel something. It’s always wonderful when a musician can get you to personally connect to a song however it’s no easy thing to do.

Luckily for us Patiotic has managed to find the balance between a good sound and a good story.

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Patiotic Interview

1. How did you hear about The Old School Project?

I knew about Old School Project from Reverbnation, i have being selected as one of the finalist of a Contest made by Old School Project, and since then i have followed OSP. For that and much more im very happy and greatful for this interview, OSP have supported my music through FB post since then, and that is highly appreciated

2. What is your main inspiration when writing music?

My main inspiration are sounds, city noises. Everything has beats, and those beats i convert them to music. Our whole world is full of sounds, you just have to listen, and you will find a conexion between all those sounds.

3. What’s the plan for after the release?

The plan is to reach the most people who could listen my new album. I just want my music be heard, to show my work. My dream is to make music for trailers, placements on series, etc

4. Any collaborations in the future? And if so who with?

Well, in the past have collaborated with hip hop musician Phanom01, you can find that song in my Spotify profile. On the new album you will find also an amazing collaboration with Langelot where we made a deep trip hop song. I'm always looking for collaborations with singers to vocalize and make new versions of my songs.

5. What made you get into this particular style of music?

I'm immersed in music since I can remember. Listening tango with my grandfather, 60's chilean pop music because my parents, and some 80's music from my brother. So the mix of music that i have had in my head since i was a little kid was a bit extrange. Then at the age of 8 more less i started listening Pink Floyd, and that was an explosion to my mind, and then my exploration to new music and styles took me to a musical trip for almost 20 years that made what im today, a fusion of different styles between rock, pop, electronic, orchestral, and others that you can find in each of my songs

6. When did you start creating your own sound?

From the beginning. I've never made a cover, im not good for that, i love to improvise, tweek sounds, modify parameters, play with them to generate the atmosphere that i want for each song i made.

7. What is your ideal future?

It's hard to say or schedule, everyday everything changes , i love to make music, so i should say that my ideal future is to live by my music. But at this point the only thing i want is get my music heard by thousands of people

8. How have the album pre sales gone?

To be honest... nothing hehehe but i don't really care at this moment. I just want people enjoy what i do.

9. Any new music being made at the moment?

I'm always making new music. Now i'm start thinking in the new album genre, that will be a mix between rock and electronic, ElectroRock. But always making those orchestrals overtures that will be one of my cacracteristics of each álbum

10. Who created the album art and what was the inspiration behind it?

honestly i made it through a template that I liked and modified, with the corresponding authorization obviously. It represents the simplicity and tranquility that it gives to look at the clouds, to see their passage, even though everything is around with constant noise.


Written by Sophia Garvey - Singapore

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