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Jimmy Lee Morris - What It Is - Single Review

Jimmy Lee Morris is an English singer/songwriter that I previously reviewed for The Old School Project last summer.

I wrote a review for his last EP “Last of The Tall Ships”, in which I described Morris’ “gift for making atmospheric music as beautiful as a midsummer’s night”. Morris is originally from East Sussex, but now based in Devon, He has been entertaining audiences for 30 years across the UK and beyond, releasing 2016 album “Wilderness in the Wood and EP Campervan with producer Simon Scardanelli and last year’s Last of The Tall Ships” whose art cover featured a painting by John Dyer.

Morris has released several singles too, including Bob Dylan's 1964 hit “It Ain’t Me Babe” and a remembrance/Christmas track” Christmas 1914”. The musician now returns with a new single entitled “What It Is”, a track he recorded with local producer Adam Hanington.

What it is” is another melody driven grandeur of 80’s influenced synth pop mixed with an upbeat tempo from Jimmy Lee Morris that the singer describes as “80’s pop poise meets 60’s innocence “. This is a statement this writer can’t argue with. The addition of Hanington has been a positive one with a more contemporary edge to Morris’ music. This track explores his imagination and craft more, emphasizing Morris’s gift for that aforementioned atmospheric music.

What It is” combines those elements to begin with a burst of synchronized howls of “WOO” induced with the warm textures of synths that help get this track moving before Morris’s chirpy demeanor shines through with his tender vocals that sing affectionately about true love. I can personally hear elements of 80’s synch rock and the Beatles' Paul McCartney here with the overall feel of the track. There is a nice musical passage towards the end that fits nicely in with the nature of the track. The breakdown of synth and guitar creates a sense of pleasure and self- satisfaction that will appeal to the hearts of a modern audience.

Jimmy Lee Morris releases “What It Is” on the 18th January via Automix Records.

You can find out more information about the artist via www.jimmyleemorris.com or follow them via their social media accounts on Twitter- @jimmy_Leemorris and Facebook @jimmyleemorrisuk

Please click on the link below to read my previous review of Jimmy Lee Morris’ EP “ Last of the Tall Ships” here.



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