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Quick Review Slow Motion Suicide

Written by Anselm Anderson

Slow Motion Suicide are an Alternative four- piece from Zagreb, Croatia formed by Lead singer Nicky Ingram with Mark Leossa ( Guitar) Anna Smith ( Bass) and Iggy Krutz ( drums) completing the line-up. The band name derives from an oxymoron of the things we find beautiful and ugly slowly killing us

The band recently released their self- titled Debut LP , which is a 45 min 10 track wall of voluminous pop songs and heartfelt lyrics that will do more than provoke your thoughts. The band describe themselves as a“ collective of human beings crafting melodies for maladies in the 21st century”.

This is something that does not disappoint on a release this writer found himself listening to again on repeat! Each track boasts no- filler, but instead are finely honed pieces of craftsmanship that strike an understanding with the listener.

Revolution is one of those beautiful emotive tracks that reminds me of the early noughties rock acts like Blink 182 and Alkaline Trio. It begins with a spoken monologue of an elder bemoaning the state of anarchy amongst youths before the bass drums kick in before the harmonious reverbs of power chords enter the fray when bright chords strike at the bridge that gives way to crisp vocal qualities that are steeped in raw emotion, which reflect a downtrodden youth rallying for change.

The album takes a change in musical direction with Cellar Door showing some elements of Folk/Alternative rock stylings and Castaway playing the style of melodic teenage angst that was popular amongst the Emo scene.

The next highlight is Goliath, which is easily the standout track on the album. It starts with a groovy riff that instantly hooks you in with its gritty sound before Ingram’s vocals pull you in further with silky lines that retain from expressing any real malice. The song builds to a catchy chorus that will have the crowds swaying before the final breakdown leads to a mesmerising solo full of depth and meaning.

The album continues to find its way with tracks like Make Believe, which is another powerful track with backing female vocals and November is another anthem track stacked with fuzzy guitars and defiance. This could easily be a breakthrough hit with radio stations across the pond.

Animal is the penultimate track with deep lyrical subject and pop hooks is a good choice to wrap up affairs. The song starts with the echoes of guitar pedal effects that reflect the dark undertones. This builds to delicious hooks and a chorus that would easily be a hit amongst many a new audience that likes crisp rock tracks with salacious guitar lines and emotional music.

You can follow Slow Motion Suicide via their website and several other social media accounts.

Written by Anselm Anderson - UK / Lancaster

My name is Anselm and I have a strong passion for music. I host two rock radio shows for the internet on a weekly basis. Also, I have experience in the past year of writing music reviews and conducting interviews with upcoming artists for several online music magazines. My main goal is to continue to write for thse interested in learning about what is new in the musical world.

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