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Le Lien Interview

Le Lien Interview

Le Lien is an artist I first discovered during the recent campaign for The Old School Project. I described her music as having an “evocative charm”. The Texan songstress is equally adapt playing an instrument to singing on her own. Le Lien has released two singles to date in the guise of “Somebody to Love” & Give Me Your Love” with hopes of releasing a new album in the near future. Lien’s music incorporates genres as diverse as blues, rock ‘n’ roll, soul etc. I took the opportunity to speak with the singer about her inspirations, music, and acting.

1. Good day, could you start of by telling us how you first discovered The Old School Project?

Anselm did a short writeup about me and my music recently.

2. Could you introduce yourself by explaining to readers a bit about you?

My name is Le Lien. First name Le and Last name Lien. You pronounce it Lee Lynn. I am a singer/ songwriter. I write music for all genres however, my genre of choice for myself and my music is blues rock. I also design web sites, paint, dance, act and draw.

3. Your music is described as “Spunky and Soulful”, could you explain a little bit about how this relates to the music you make?

I think a writer described my music as “Spunky and Soulful” because he heard the rock vibes and also listened to me sing some of my unpublished songs. I chose the blues rock genre because it helps me express lyrics with soul.

4. Who are your musical influences?

I will give you a short list because I love so much music an all genres. Sia, James Morrison, Lake Street Dive, Alabama Shakes, Janice Joplin, Garbage (I am a huge fan of Shirley manson & Butch Vig), Patsy Cline, Gary Clark Jr., Rolling Stones, Welshly Arms and Kill it Kid ( I think they have disbanded), No Doubt and the Foo Fighters.

5. What inspires you to write lyrics?

Anything can inspire me to write lyrics. Sometimes songs come to me in my sleep and I have to wake up and record the song. I could be driving and see something that will inspire me to write a poem that I will turn into a song. Sometimes I watch TV, and even a sad part will inspire me to write. I have to say that I write the most songs when I am going through pain or heartache.

6. You have released two single “Somebody to Love” and “Give Me Your love”, Could you tell listeners about them?

Somebody to Love: I wrote Somebody to Love with Callin Passero of Dead Hello. I listened to his music online and I love his distinct rock sound. So I reached out to him. He had an idea for this song and we finished the song together. The song is about when I am really feeling good about myself as a single woman and declaring to the universe- without apology- that I want and deserve love in my life. It is a fun and up beat song that anyone can dance to.

Give Me Your love: Give me your love is a song I wrote when I bought my first fender Strat around 2011. I was newly single and divorced. During this time, I was discovering myself again and what I wanted out of my love life. It is also another song about not being timid and letting a man know how I like to be pleased. It is a message a woman can express to a man after they are consensual and you share with him how you like to be pleased.

7. Do you plan on making an album in the distant future?

Yes, I would like to make an album or at the very least – an EP in 2019. I have a lot of songs that would fit my next release. If I don’t release an EP, it will be at the very least a single. I would like my next release to showcase my vocals a bit more. I would also like to tell more meaningful and heartfelt stories in my next release.

8. What is your recording process behind making music?

A lot of the times I get the music and visuals all at one. I hear the music, see the music video as I write out the lyrics. I really enjoy co-writing and will work with a composer who can help me complete the song with music. It also helps me get out of my own head, hear a different perspective of the song and the song then takes on its own life.

9. You are also an actor; Do you find any similarities between music performance and acting on stage?

I think it is all about telling a story, making it your own, expressing it through your body in a meaningful way.

10. Do you plan on doing any concerts in the new year?

I would love to do concerts in the new year but right now, I am more focused on writing music that I can record.

11. Who would be your dream act to perform with?

I would love to put on a concert with Gary Clark Jr., Welshly Arms, Alabama Shakes, James Morrison and Garbage.

12. And what would be your dream venue?

I have played smaller venues in Austin and Los Angeles but I would love to go on tour and play for larger stadiums and venues. Some of my dream venues are the Wigmore Hall in London, the Forum in California, Madison Square Garden in New York, the Toyota Center in Houston. I don’t have just one dream venue because I would love to go on tour and play in lots of big stadiums.

13. Do you find it difficult for young artists to break into the music industry these days?

I feel like I am a new budding artist still learning and have a lot to still share with the world. In my journey, I find that it is difficult for new artists because of our mindset. We need to give ourselves permission to make the music we want. We need to know that the more we do it, the better we will get at it. Once we can get the appropriate team or mentor it will help us see that there is a world of opportunity out there. We just need to be resourceful, make meaningful connections and work hard for what we want. The best advice I have ever received is to never give up. We also need to know that it is not about breaking into the industry, but rather finding our own audience and carving our own new path.

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14. How important do you feel site like platforms like TOSP, Spotify, Soundcloud etc. are to a musician starting out like yourself?

I think they are tools we can use to promote our own music and have given more people an opportunity to share their music. Although it pays artists very little royalties per play, it helps people from all over discover your new music. I have new people signing up to my mailing list every day which helps me grown my audience and in turn – I hope will help fund my artistry.

15. And finally, what are the future ambitions for Le Lien?

I would like to do more professional acting, creating art and release new music in 2019.

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