WD-HAN – USA / Tampa Bay, Florida

WD-HAN is an alternative indie rock band based in Tampa Bay, Florida. The band took its original form with Cal Henry on guitar, jamming and writing with high school friends. In need of a name, WD-HAN (We Dont Have A Name) was considered and loved instantly.

Over the following years as the band continued to write new music and play bigger and better gigs they started to build a following. With the addition of Lea Campbell on drums and Spencer Barnes as the bands front man, they developed their own kind of pop rock sound heavily influenced by a love of classic rock and blues.

Their latest release, Monkey, is an album that highlights all of their growth and skill as songwriters and musicians. From Spencers gritty, soulful vocals to Leas dynamic drumming and Cals shredding guitar solos you will hear influences from bands such as Walk The Moon, Imagine Dragons and The Black Keys. Youll be hooked from the first listen. Dont say we didnt warn you.

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