Neon Cities- USA / DENVER, CO

Neon Cities is a Electronic duo from Denver, Colorado. Comprised of Jason Roth and

Chase Dobson. Having casually been collaborating on music for years, Jason and Chase decided to take the endeavor seriously, and in mid 2017 Neon Cities was born.

Drawing from years of Dobson’s music production and career as a touring live sound technician and engineer, as well as Roth’s ear for arrangement being a tenured DJ, Neon Cities output has a quality of production more mature than the age of the project. Employing both vintage and modern analog synths, as well as updated digital tools, Neon Cities’ sound pulls unapologetically from nostalgia. The music draws from familiar conventions, and updates them not relying solely on the past. Moods move from straight up dancefloor tracks to melodic and ambient driven work that could fit right into the credits rolling in a John Hughes film.

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