Crane Technique – USA / VENTURA, CA

Based in Ventura, CRANE TECHNIQUE is indie-rock musician Paul Wheatley. He first gained prominence as the lead guitarist and back-up vocalist for the San Diego piano rock band, We Shot The Moon. CRANE TECHNIQUE started as Wheatley’s solo project in 2010, after the release of “Darling Say Goodbye” (Broadcast Music, Inc.). His sound draws from a wide range of influences (most notably 80’s pop, indie-rock and alternative-rock). He also does collaborations with other artists, co-writes with bands and is an accomplished arranger & producer. After much U.S. and international touring, he released numerous tracks including a 5 song EP titled Ghost White (Sonic Parcel Records, 2014). His recent tracks “Naked” and “Love U 4 It” both feature music producer Modern Longing and were released in 2017. In Fall of 2018, he released his brand new single “Just 4 2Nite” which has gained popularity on radio stations across the U.S. and broke over 50,000 streams its first month.

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