Ero Seagull – Athens / Greece

Ero Seagull is a Canadian/Greek artist based in Athens, Greece.

She’s a Pop, Hip Hop singer / musician / composer and has released her first album “Evolution” with Amour Records and EMI Universal.

Ever since she was six years old she was learning the piano and music is like her first language.

She has won the judges’ round in the competition in London “The Peoples Music Awards” for “Unison” and “Craters on the Moon” where she went to the venue Scala and played her first gig and she has played her compositions in Lahore in the “World Festival of Music and Drama” for the “First Blush of Spring”.

Ero Seagull doesn’t want to belong in a genre and this can be seen by her tracks that vary theme and genre. In her music she pays attention to the lyrics sometimes they are in English and sometimes they are in Greek and most often the songs have a dance EDM element but then again they could be acoustic ballads. Most of them have her rapping and a funk rock twist.

Her track “Για μια Ζωή” (For a lifetime) is in the genre of Dance Pop and has received the warm response of the audience and critics in Greece. It launched as the main song in a very popular Greek web series “Lesbian Stories”. Her new track “The Gospel” got picked up by American music bloggers and it went viral on SoundCloud. It has reached 30,000+ plays and numerous reposts. She was interviewed by an American radio host about its success and it has been reviewed by many with positive feedback.

On the 26th of March 2020 she will give her first concert in the venue Temple Athens with Leon Rhymes and Danny Wav joining forces from London.

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