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Jon Century – Topanga, CA / USA

Jon has one of the most dynamic and authentic voices I’ve ever come across in an artist. He is soulful, fearless, and extremely creative––therefore I’m ecstatic about what the future holds for Jon.”

-Ron Alexenburg, former Senior Vice president of Epic Records.

Danish-born, Los Angeles-based vocalist and songwriter Jon Century is known for being reflective. His oeuvre is full of music that makes audiences think and feel alive—a quality he has brought to life in genres spanning from hard rock, pre-grunge, to singer songwriter. His experience with psychology and philosophy has helped him become something of an “emotional stripteaser,” enabling listeners to embrace his songs and achieve a certain level of catharsis.

After releasing two well received solo albums in Denmark—which earned him plenty of TV exposure and many live performances—in 2012, he formed his powerhouse hard rock group, Into Century, which was signed to Sony Music Denmark. Into Century released their debut album, Into Your Sun. Their second release, Nobody’s Slave, on Target Records, earned praise from music media in Germany, England, Sweden, Spain, Norway and Denmark and led to regular rotation on MTV and MTVu. As a solo artist Jon has played to audiences of up to 30,000 people on festival tour with his current producer, Alexander Brown.

Century’s new single, Time, which is part of an upcoming album, takes on complex emotional themes. It dissects excuses from unfulfilled potential and sets the stage for an extraordinary, sonically and rhythmically eclectic nine-track album that will be released as singles throughout 2021. The album’s tracks are infused with adult pop/rock and electronica, making them seductive and driven thematically by a deep-seated social consciousness and a sense of hopeful emotional and spiritual reflection.

It’s all part of a long creative journey. Growing up a child of the 90’s, Century was, as he puts it, “an adrenaline junkie,” a motorcycle riding risk taker who is grateful he found music as a more constructive channel for his boundless creative energy.


Crane Technique – USA / VENTURA, CA

Based in Ventura, CRANE TECHNIQUE is indie-rock musician Paul Wheatley. He first gained prominence as the lead guitarist and back-up vocalist for the San Diego piano rock band, We Shot The Moon. CRANE TECHNIQUE started as Wheatley’s solo project in 2010, after the release of “Darling Say Goodbye” (Broadcast Music, Inc.). His sound draws from a wide range of influences (most notably 80’s pop, indie-rock and alternative-rock). He also does collaborations with other artists, co-writes with bands and is an accomplished arranger & producer. After much U.S. and international touring, he released numerous tracks including a 5 song EP titled Ghost White (Sonic Parcel Records, 2014). His recent tracks “Naked” and “Love U 4 It” both feature music producer Modern Longing and were released in 2017. In Fall of 2018, he released his brand new single “Just 4 2Nite” which has gained popularity on radio stations across the U.S. and broke over 50,000 streams its first month.


Neon Cities- USA / DENVER, CO

Neon Cities is a Electronic duo from Denver, Colorado. Comprised of Jason Roth and

Chase Dobson. Having casually been collaborating on music for years, Jason and Chase decided to take the endeavor seriously, and in mid 2017 Neon Cities was born.

Drawing from years of Dobson’s music production and career as a touring live sound technician and engineer, as well as Roth’s ear for arrangement being a tenured DJ, Neon Cities output has a quality of production more mature than the age of the project. Employing both vintage and modern analog synths, as well as updated digital tools, Neon Cities’ sound pulls unapologetically from nostalgia. The music draws from familiar conventions, and updates them not relying solely on the past. Moods move from straight up dancefloor tracks to melodic and ambient driven work that could fit right into the credits rolling in a John Hughes film.


WD-HAN – USA / Tampa Bay, Florida

WD-HAN is an alternative indie rock band based in Tampa Bay, Florida. The band took its original form with Cal Henry on guitar, jamming and writing with high school friends. In need of a name, WD-HAN (We Dont Have A Name) was considered and loved instantly.

Over the following years as the band continued to write new music and play bigger and better gigs they started to build a following. With the addition of Lea Campbell on drums and Spencer Barnes as the bands front man, they developed their own kind of pop rock sound heavily influenced by a love of classic rock and blues.

Their latest release, Monkey, is an album that highlights all of their growth and skill as songwriters and musicians. From Spencers gritty, soulful vocals to Leas dynamic drumming and Cals shredding guitar solos you will hear influences from bands such as Walk The Moon, Imagine Dragons and The Black Keys. Youll be hooked from the first listen. Dont say we didnt warn you.

BAND Picture

Yard Of Blondes – Los Angeles, CA / USA

Yard Of Blondes started as a French duet who relocated to the US in 2010. Vincent & Fanny got lost in the California desert to start a new life.

There they were first highlighted by the Hi-Desert local scene and appeared as guests on the compilation “Highway 62 Love Songs” featuring internationally renowned artists Eric Burdon (The Animals) and Victoria Williams.

After a long series of concerts at some of the greatest venues in Los Angeles (The Troubadour, Whisky A GoGo, The Viper Room, The Bootleg, The Montalban Theatre, The Crest,…), Rodney Bingenheimer, the legendary KROQ DJ began playing their title track Murderology in 2013. He was subsequently imitated by more than 100 international radio station.

On December 1 of 2014, Yard Of Blondes started to get more and more famous in France. This was due to the national broadcast of the one-hour documentary, “Joshua Trip”. The film is a road trip with Vincent & Fanny as hosts, a journey where they perform and write a song (Born Again) during some desert sessions.

In 2016, Yard Of Blondes was featured on the compilation « I love you all the time » along with Eagles Of Death Metal, Florence & The Machine, Kings Of Leon, Jimmy Eat World and many more. All the proceeds were given to the victims of the Paris attacks.

During the summer of 2019, Yard Of Blondes came back with a lighter and upbeat single called « Je veux danser tout l’été », their first original bilingual song. The song came along with two other alternative versions, a remix by French superstar DJ and producer Joachim Garraud (David Bowie, Beyonce, David Guetta) and a grungy home demo. The remix was produced in Joachim’s new spaceship, a 100% solar-powered RV turned into a recording studio, in the middle of the Mojave desert which is documented in the Music video. The song was broadcasted worldwide and landed on MTV in Europe.

Yard of Blondes just finished producing their first full-length album « Feed the Moon ». The record was produced by Billy Graziadei (founder member of Biohazard) in Los Angeles at Firewater Studios, mixed by Michael Patterson (Nine Inch Nails, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Beck) and mastered by Maor Applebaum (Faith No More). The first single of this release, « You and I & I » has been unveiled on November 1st of 2019 and the second single, Lowland is about to drop on Valentine’s day. Both are accompanied by videos directed by Fanny and Vincent and shot with their phones. DIY is back and it’s good news.

Vanilla Aardvark Logo Final

Vanilla Aardvark – Glendale, AZ / USA

Vanilla Aardvark is an alternative rock band comprised of Josh and Glen West with Tim Hoag on drums.

Vanilla Aardvark’s sound is a combination of many different eras and styles of rock along with influences from other genres. Vanilla Aardvark’s trademark blend of emotional power pop and alternative angst is amplified by the versatile guitar, thoughtful lyrics, and powerful vocals.

Josh West is a vocalist and songwriter from Glendale, AZ. Competing on Season 12 of NBC’s hit show The Voice, he received a four chair turn and a standing ovation from the coaches. Adam Levine, who often compared Josh to his younger rock ‘n roll self, was his coach. He made it to the Top 20 before being eliminated in the Live Playoffs.

Glen West is a guitarist, songwriter, and graduate of the renowned Musician’s Institute in Hollywood, California. Glen has been teaching guitar for a living and performing for over 35 years.

Drummer Tim Hoag was a part of the band Okily Dokily, a heavy metal band which dressed up as Ned Flanders and played songs with lyrics inspired by the TV show. In addition to touring the US and Europe, in 2019 one of their videos was played over the end credits to a Simpson’s episode.


HITHA- San Ramon, CA / USA

15-year-old singer, songwriter Hitha, from California, is an amazingly talented artist on her way to becoming a Teen Singing Star. Her love for music started when she was 4 years old, a musical child prodigy who got to experiment with multiple styles of music growing up and who loved to perform. Now, her formula for success is simple: convert lifetime hardships and experiences into uplifting songs that are relatable and can inspire others. Hitha draws her inspiration from her surroundings, interactions, and complete life experience. “I feel that music is the best way to reach people directly and share thoughts and emotions rather than simple words,” she says. Hitha’s words light up like a beacon for people to hold on to. This artist strives “to give youth a voice” through her music, and the courage to tackle any difficulties that may present itself. “Independent”, a song she wrote and sang when she was only 13, with an important message; “When you are going through rough times, the best person to help you is yourself. Be You, Be Strong, and Be Independent.”, appeared on the Top 40 Mediabase Chart. Hitha wants to bring awareness to many issues embedded in society. You will find many songs on these issues in her upcoming album, “We Are Who We Are”. With strong beats and beautiful messages, this album targets what Hitha believes to be problems that need change. Check out the recently released singles ‘We Will Last’ and ‘Lost’ from this album. With ‘We Will Last,’ Hitha has one main goal: to uplift and support the listeners during these troubling times. Hitha – The Journalist; “What society claims to be flawed are the distinctions that make every single one of us unique, the word perfect itself has no meaning set in stone. Everyone’s definition is different, so in a way, we are all perfectly perfect. No matter how big or how small we are, no matters how light or how dark we are, and no matter who we love or what we like, we are all human,” Hitha writes. Along with her powerful songs, Hitha also writes articles for Hollywood Magazine about these problems. Hitha delivers inspiration and unquestionable talent with her music. We are on the precipice of witnessing the global rise of a new star in the entertainment industry.

The Hawkeyes in Appleton (11 of 34)

The Hawkeyes – Pittsburgh, PA / USA

The Hawkeyes are a modern rock powerhouse. Rooted in rhythmic stomp and guitar-driven snarl, they make music that nods to the hard-hitting heavyweights of rock & roll’s past, refashioning that diehard sound into something contemporary and larger than life.

Although hailing from Pittsburgh, the Hawkeyes sharpened their sound on the road. It was there — on the sweaty, beer-soaked stages of America’s dive bars, clubs, and theaters — that the band’s four members began blending anthemic hooks, hard-rock crunch, and amplified attitude, with frontman Jay Wiley leading the charge. Headlining their own shows one minute and opening for groups like Lynyrd Skynyrd and Collective Soul the next, the Hawkeyes became genuine road warriors, building their audience song-by-song and show-by-show. They solidified their lineup along the way, with drummer Luke Zajdel and guitarist Noah Myers both teaming up with Wiley to carry rock & roll’s torch into a new era.

To properly capture their sonic swagger on record, the guys headed back home to Pennsylvania, where they teamed up with producer Sean McDonald — a Pittsburgh legend who had previously worked with another group of Steel City exports: The Clarks — to craft Ever for After. McDonald encouraged Wiley to dig deep into the music he’d grown up loving, including records by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Oasis, Queens of the Stone Age, and the Foo Fighters. Working together as co-writers and collaborators, McDonald and Wiley crafted a new batch of raw, larger-than-life songs that built upon the songwriting chops Wiley had already been honing for years, not only as the founding member of the Hawkeyes, but also as a solo artist. The result was an album that matched Wiley’s melodies and Rust Belt persona with the power of a revved-up modern rock band.

With singles like “Stone’s Throw Away” and “Wanted Man” receiving regular airplay on the band’s hometown rock radio station, WDVE, the Hawkeyes have become hometown favorites. They’ve played some of Pittsburgh’s largest venues, including Stage AE, Rex Theater, Thunderbird Cafe, and Hard Rock Cafe. They’ve also continued racking up tens of thousands of highway miles on the road, making appearances at national festivals like Mile of Music in Appleton, Wisconsin, and Sturgis Music Fest in Sturgis, South Dakota.

Driven and dynamic, the Hawkeyes are dedicated to updating rock & roll’s adrenalized sound for the modern world. This is the sound of a band on the rise.

-written by Andrew Leahy

BISCAY - image 1

Biscay – London / UK

BISCAY rose from the ashes of various funk bands, covers bands and even a Pat Metheny tribute to start a new life playing original funk, nu-soul and acid-jazz (which some now call ‘yacht-rock’) in 2016. A vital part of this re-birth involved the recruitment of a new, French lead singer, Eléa May, who originally hails from Montpellier on the Mediterranean. Within a year of her arrival, the band produced their debut 6-track EP, ‘Burnt Mementos’, in March 2017 with resultant success in various songwriting competitions (winning the UK Songwriting Competition and being a finalist in the USA Songwriting Competition) and receiving critical acclaim: “Biscay juxtapose sweet, infectious melodies with sardonic lyrics…Elea May’s vocals are underpinned by a crisp, simmering, guitar-driven backbeat, and augmented by mellow Rhodes piano, and horns, whose jazzinfused arrangement betrays shades of Steely Dan.” Charles Waring, souldandjazzandfunk.com Fortified by this success, in the last 3 years Biscay have been writing a considerable catalogue of new material – the first of this was released in March 2020 on a new EP ‘Stare At The Sun’ with further 5 single releases which started November 1st with ‘Blame Game’ soon to be followed by ‘The Fire Below’ on December 27th . 3 more singles will be released in Q1 of 2021. Biscay’s songs reflect on human weakness, existential misery and life-enhancing humour…they make acid jazz for the analytic, funk for flag bearers and nu-soul for neurotics. Theirs is yacht-rock for stormy seas.