The Shout-Outs #3

This is a series of articles dedicated to all the bands and artists that participate on our campaigns over the years. A humble presentation in order to motivate them to keep going.

Griffin Tucker

Griffin’s sound is being hailed as THE NEW WAVE of CLASSIC ROCK.  Driven by a disobedient rock & roll spirit, Griffin’s “no excuses” play it loud attitude recalls a time when music was real and rock and roll dominated the air waves.
Because Griffin won the Texas 10 under 20 Guitar contest at the Dallas International Guitar Festival, you may think he’s just another great guitar player; but, he is also equally equipped on drums, piano, bass, mandolin & ukulele. And he can sing! He has appeared on THE VOICE & also earned a GOLDEN TICKET to Hollywood on American Idol where he received high praise from Katy Perry & Lionel Richie for his level of talent & musicianship. Griffin was recently nominated for the highest designation an artist can receive from the Texas State legislature, “Texas State Artist – State Musician”.
The release of Griffin’s debut album, “Believe It”, gave the world its first taste of Griffin’s own brand of rock & roll. From the powerful ballad “Some Kind of Love Song” to his rock anthem “Believe It”, every note that is sung and sound that is heard was written & performed by Griffin. This was only the beginning of his promise to “KEEP ROCK ALIVE” & carry the torch for the bands that inspired him, like The Beatles, KISS, ACDC, Queen & Led Zeppelin. 

2021 will soon see the latest chapter in Griffin’s journey as he unleashes his band, The Real Rock Revolution, and a slew of singles that will rock your socks off! You ready?


Carolina Reign

THE Singer


Krystal, being a pastor’s daughter, was raised in the church and brought up on ONLY Hymns, gospel and the Oldie Goldies!! As that may be a shock to many of you who have heard her sing, she will tell you that her ability to belt-it-out started in her early 20’s when she started mimicking Christina Aguilera, P!nk, Pat Benatar, Melissa Etheridge, Celine Dion, just to name a few of her vocal inspirations. As a mother of 6, Krystal has managed to win 2nd in the nation for a vocal competition out of Denver, Colorado and open for Lita Ford and Firehouse!! “There is alot of soul and feeling in that voice” are many the remarks of her fans, and that what she strives for; to make those listening connect with her and the song!!

THE Bassist


Jim has ALOT of musical history under his belt in his ripe age!! And when he too decides what he wants you to know, we wil update you here. What we DO know is that in his time away from playing music he and his woman, The Singer, own a furniture business that keeps him VERY busy along with playing with his cat named Sushi!! 

THE Guitarist


Oh, what can we say about the man with all the guitar riffs!!!! Mike resides in Las Vegas, Navada with his wife and no pets! When he comes up with fun things to say about himself, we will let you know (lol)! 

THE Drummer


Mike is a second generation drummer, originally from Rockford, IL, that LOVES his craft and won’t stop until he’s dragged off the stage!! Currently residing in Las Vegas, NV, Mike has played in Country, Metal, Punk, Cover/Pop, Brass, and Rockabilly bands. Mike’s a Navy veteran who loaded bombs and missiles on the USS JFK. He’s a hard-hitting, pocket drummer who enjoys riding his Harley and smackin’ a golf ball in his down time.


The Garage Boys

Only a few miles from the Las Vegas strip in June of 2007, four guys, that had never met, rehearsed for the first time in a beat up old studio. Little did they know that seven years later they would be hailed as one of the most exciting and sought after rock bands in Nevada.

The Garage Boys have stood the test of time; touring, recording and performing in just about every circumstance known to all band kind. Most bands pack it in after a few months…a year tops. Who can blame them; it’s a tough industry. However, these guys are not stopping. They are a high energy, 100% organic, rock band. They released their second album, “Sgt. Peckers”, June of 2015, which is guaranteed to be a huge success worldwide. Their unique sound reflects their influences, which range from The Beatles and Stones, to STP, Weezer, Bob Marley, Sublime, Thin Lizzy, Metallica, Radiohead, Bon Jovi and even Steely Dan.

Their latest album was released June 20th of 2017. It is their most Bi-polar to date: and that’s the way they want it. The Garage Boys are not interested in forming a generic sound where every track is the same as the last. One song will be glam-rock, Reggae the next, and another will be old school classic country rock…the way bands used to do it.

Staying true to themselves, they exclaim: “We just write what we like, no matter what. We believe in what we do”.

The Garage Boys are:

Bryan Duffy: Lead Vocals and Guitar.

Aaron Harris: Bass/Keys and Production.

Craig Small: Drums and Lead Vocals.

The Garage Boys will be performing anywhere and everywhere so look for them in your state.


The Brute

The Brute : is an Electronica music group and combines progressive electronic sound with haunting vocals and a melange of SynthPop, Blues and Rock influences. 

Daniel Gierke, mastermind of the project, has been writing songs for many years. At the beginning of 2018, the idea arose to steer his musical ambitions into a new direction. The Brute : was born and in Mai 2018 the video „And I Want You…“ was released on YouTube. The positive response of the audience encouraged The Brute : to continue working on new material.

The songs contain echoes of classic electronic bands but given a more modern touch and come along with a mix of driving bass lines, atmospheric vocals and lyrics that gain new meanings with each listen.


Cherry pill

The name Cherry Pill is a metaphor for life – the sweet and joyful mix with the bitter moments to create a rich experience full of twists and turns. It is a band for sophisticated music lovers who appreciate music that tells a story.

Based in Johannesburg, South Africa the Cherry Pill sound is a blend of musical styles ranging from acoustic folk to upbeat pop rock, with strong influences from classical and jazz music . Thoughtful lyrics and sweet vocal harmonies are underpinned by the soaring melodies of Kristel’s classically-trained violin playing and Rory’s blues and rock-infused
guitar licks.

Their latest recording ‘Chocolate Box’ will take you on a musical journey, with each song evoking a different emotion – from the wistful romanticism of “Silent Movie” to the darkly brooding “Bare”, the pulsing rhythms of “Shoreline” to the tender contemplation of “Things on My Mind”.


Phantom High

Hailing from Toronto and flaunting a deep personal relationship with the pageantry of the macabre, Phantom High is already making their mark on a scene that too often leaves the “fun” out of “dysfunction”. The band has launched with a mission statement to bring authenticity, conviction and theatrics back to a genre that centers on navel-gazing and nihilism. The roots of their inspiration are easy to see for veterans of the golden days of goth and glam, drawing energy as much from horror in film, anime and literature as from the music genres that inform their hard-hitting live show.

Phantom High is anarchistic alchemy, bringing together the fundamental elements of what scares us, what turns us on and what makes us hungry for substance in an ephemeral, digital world that no longer seems interested in keeping the blood pumping, the volume loud and the music in each and every face. Phantom High prides themselves on putting the music and the show first and foremost, staying true to their roots while planting new ones like mausoleums in the fertile ground of a whole new generation desperate for something to scream along to.



For the first time in our lives, we recently saw live music come to a total standstill. Chicago four-piece Releaser, however, isn’t letting 2020 slow them down.

Releaser met and assembled with the common objective to deliver you the highest quality songwriting and live performances that their decades of collective grind and know-how could muster. The music is astute and effective. The lyrical content is honest – something too many artists have abandoned in favor of sounding important. The vocals and melodies are the reason you check out new music. These guys will have you singing in your head at work like a pro.

Stephen, Andre, Duane and Jeremy saw in each other the pieces that had been missing in previous projects. With a different atmosphere of talent and trust, a new culture revealed itself: like-minded and hardworking, where the only band leader is the song.

After debuting their EP, Retox, and sharing the bill with national acts like Local H, Lucky Boys Confusion, The Spill Canvas, Punchline, Red Sun Rising, The Black Moods, Them Evils, Selfish Things, Radkey and AM Taxi, Releaser has begun churning out new material for a sophomore drop.

One week away from hitting I-55 south for seven showcases at SXSW, 2020 was gearing up to be a hectic one. We all know what happened next. But this isn’t these guys’ first rodeo in confronting adversity.

Releaser met the challenge by continuing to demo for their upcoming full-length. The band also recorded and shot a video for Richard Marx’s Should’ve Known Better, out and streaming on July 3rd, 2020.

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