The Shout-Outs #2

This is a series of articles dedicated to all the bands and artists that participate on our campaigns over the years. A humble presentation in order to motivate them to keep going.

With a voice filled with grit and soul, Carly Jo Jackson brings the heat of the Florida sunshine to all she does.  She has a vocal tone that is as infectious as her charismatic stage presence. She caught the attention of some big names in the music and entertainment business, opening shows for Michael McDonald (who also provided vocals on her recent EP), Kenny Loggins and Dennis Quaid and serving as a musical inspiration to Jeff Bridges who recently featured her on his Sleep Club website.  Other notable performances include her appearance in 2014 on America’s got Talent, where she appeared in two televised episodes and advanced to Judgement Week; performing as an Emerging Artist at 2018’s Summerfest; singing backup vocals to Kenny Loggins at 2019’s Hawaii Songwriters Festival; performing at the renowned 30A Songwriters Festival along with Jason Isbell, Brandi Carlile, Shawn Mullins, Livingston Taylor and more; opening a San Francisco 49ers game; and winning the 2015 Belk Southern Musician Showcase.  In late 2019, she released her EP Au Naturel, produced by Chris Pelonis and Lost Coast Records and distributed by Jimmy Buffet’s Cherry Bomb Records.


Ray Anthony I’m a Duke City New Mexico native burning up the black top with original contemporary funk & jazz music. Innovation and technology fueled with originality are my strengths. I’m a motivated horn player that was at the right place at the right time to take advantage of an opportunity to go on the road back in the day with a funk band based out of Chicago playing the trombone. Hanging & performing throughout the Midwest with great musicians was priceless. These days the music burns inside me. I love writing music, blowing my funky horn &spank’n the plank on keyboards with my new band PowerSlyde.  Funking it up every chance we get performing our own brand of original contemporary funk & jazz music.

PowerSlyde & KEN MATHIS – DRUMS I’ve always considered percussion the foundation for most music. My love for the drums prompted me to experience a variety of music – playing in rock, Christian rock, and pop bands. I love listening to the funk grooves of James Brown and later the heavy bass and drum of the old school music of the 80’s. I then discovered that there were artists out there combining funk, R&B, and some rock guitar and called it Smooth Jazz which immediately became my favorite genre.  Although there are great cover tunes out there, my passion is playing originals and helping to shape the music.


The Rift

With an array of musical influences spanning Flamenco, Thrash Metal, Progressive Rock, Classic Rock, Grunge, Blues, and Reggae, The Rift forged in 2010 with Ovais Malik, Aris Anagnos, & John Anagnos.  Being brothers and long time friends has made the band have a chemistry that is rare and exceptional.  Audiences are often shocked to see so much noise comes from only two to three players.  With so many different influences the band has learned to blend these genres into their own unique style.  After a successful 2018 with the release of Rock Narcotic landing the band on Vans Warped Tour and Next 2 Rock with 95.5 KLOS FM the band has been developing new material for an upcoming album.  Edge of Never and Bad Luck released this summer of 2020 mark the first two single releases for the band since 2018 and the group expect to have more material released for fans come the end of 2020.


Aname’ Rose

Aname’ Rose is an R&B/Neo-soul artist from New Iberia, Louisiana. Rose has been singing since age 3 – and performed on stage for the first at 7 years old. Ever since then Aname’ has made quite a name for herself. , especially in her hometown. Once residents got word of her voice she immediately got booked for weddings, festivals, church events, birthday parties, and has sang the national anthem more than once for school functions – hers and surrounding schools. At age 13, Aname’ decided that she wanted pursue acting as well as singing. She started acting classes At John Robert powers and eventually landed her first movie role in 2015. The movie is a faith based drama that stars Rose, Golden Brooks, and the late Tommy Ford. she still pursues acting till tis day. a few years later, Aname’ got the opportunity to be on American idol (season 16) where she made it to top 70.  shorty after she dropped the southern hit “Swing me” ft new Cupid. The song did very well and is still played in clubs and on the radio today. A few months later  she decided to dive deeper  into her passion by studying at Musicians Institute in Los Angeles, California where she’s getting an Associates degree in the Vocal Program. Currently Aname’ is continuing her studies and making music of her own. 



Formed in a studio underneath a bank in Hoboken, NJ, “BOTM” is the moniker of writing/producing duo, David Fagin (Rosenbergs), and Dan Mcloughlin (Push Stars). BOTM is the “Anti-label” band. By that we mean, historically, most labels have sought to mold a bands’ release wherein every song sounds the same. Not BOTM. It’s our mission that every song this band releases will sound completely different than the song before it. Some may like, some may not, but we find it completely boring not being able to tell the difference between song 1 and song 10.

Additionally, like a book club for music, this old but incredibly talented (and good-looking) duo will be releasing a new single every month, which, in the style of the long gone 45RPMs, will also contain a B-side. The first being “Lost” and “Love Will Only Get In The Way.” Occasionally, the b-side will be an acoustic/stripped down version of side-A. How cool is that?

As often as possible, each track will feature performances from various friends and enemies throughout the local – and not so local – NYC music scene. Of course, this is all dependent on the world not being hit w/ an international pandemic, but what are the odds of that?

We hope you like it. Stay safe.

Dan and David


Azure Wolf

Azure Wolf is a female-fronted, DC-based indie rock band with an ethereal twist.  They have a strong lyrical focus with dark and deep vibes that will leave your soul tingling.  

Driven by energetic beats and haunting guitar tones, this band is hoping to bring in a new wave of indie rock.  In a band review by the Recording Artists Guild, Azure Wolf had been described as “dream alt-rock”, and they’re proud to fall in that genre category.

Since forming in February of 2020, the band has been busy with live shows and recording their next string of singles and an EP, Post Impressions, set to release in 2021.

They’ve performed in numerous venues in Washington, DC, including the famous Black Cat, DC9, State Theatre and The Pie Shop.

In their birthplace of Winchester, VA, they have headlined the city’s leading venue, Blue Fox, and have frequented the circuit throughout the city.

Azure Wolf takes altruism seriously and utilizes their platform to promote the causes they believe in.

During the Australian bush fires of February 2020, the band put together a benefit concert that included themselves and three other DC bands to raise money for the efforts to fight the fires. They raised a total of $1,200 during the three-hour show.

In their short time as a band, Azure Wolf has developed a strong local following in the DC and Northern VA area, with a total of 3,650 followers across their social media platforms.


Sean Tobin

Born and raised on the New Jersey shore, Sean Tobin was Influenced by folk-song troubadours like Guy Clark, Merle Haggard and Willie Nelson, as well as high-energy rockers like Bruce Springsteen, Bob Seger and Tom Petty. Self-taught and trained by the New Jersey bar scene, Tobin owes much of his high-energy performances to his time spent busking on the streets of Galway, Ireland throughout 2015 and 2017.

In 2017, Tobin graduated college with a degree in writing. Having expected to become a novelist, his business as a musician began to overshadow his prose. Uncertain of his future, Tobin walked El Camino de Santiago, a 500-mile trail through Spain, with his guitar tied to his pack. Upon the trail’s completion, the future became obvious.

Tobin returned to New Jersey in the fall of 2017 where he worked as a technical construction writer to fund his music. He released his first album, This Midnight, in the summer of 2018, and in 2019 he played Frank Turner’s Lost Evenings III Festival at the House of Blues in Boston. He quit his 9-5 soon after.

In July of 2019, Sean released Dreams & Black Caffeine, a four-song EP recorded in Ocean, NJ with his band, The Boardwalk Fire. The group played several shows promoting the work, and had planned a tour for the summer of 2020, but were forced to cancel due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Instead, Sean and the guys got to work on new music from remote locations. The releases of the nearly a dozen singles followed, and they’ll continue to release new music through 2020.

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